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just a bit pastel


After this weekend’s beautiful weather and Daylight Savings, I can’t help but feel that Spring is just around the corner. (It’s only a few days away.) I’ve put together a hodgepodge of images that I’ve culled from my endless and random google searching that for some reason or other just scream spring to me. I love […]

lee radziwill


I don’t know if anyone else saw this in the New York Times about a month ago… I hope so because it’s a lovely interview, but I hope not because I would be posting this for naught.  Anyways it’s a video interview with Lee Radziwill, Jackie Kennedy’s sister and Little Edie’s cousin.  If you have […]

And we’re off!


We are off to celebrate Michael & Sierra’s nuptials! We, and about twenty bags (you know we had to lug half of the Trove along to make the table extra special), will be gone for a little over a week.  We’ll let you know about all the details when we return! Have a great week […]

Bespectacled Birthdays

American Talent Agent Lew Wasserman

I’m sure I’ve posted before on my obsession with glasses, both for shielding the sun and improving sight.  I can’t pull myself away from Bespectacled Birthdays.  It’s a simple premise; pictures of celebrities wearing glasses, no text.  Here’s a few of my favorites. Lew Wasserman Roberta Flack Federico Fellini Sharon Tate My taste skews to […]

Lucas’ Pawpaw Ointment


After using this stuff at Juliet’s one day when I was in desperate need of lip balm I became obsessed. After being told you can only get it in Australia I didn’t quite believe her, did a search on Amazon and ordered some. After two months it has arrived… and it was well worth the […]

Hair Wreaths


Did anybody see Lindsay Lohan in Liz and Dick last night? …It was …as expected. But I loved Lifetime’s rendition of Elizabeth Taylor’s floral wreath worn for her first marriage to Richard Burton. And here’s the original. It’s a pretty honest rendition of rather pretty but very retro look. That being said I’ve been thinking […]


I’m obsessed with Solange’s new song… but especially her video. How cute is her styling? Just as cute as her funny little dancing right? xo

big bird


I came across this while surfin’ the interwebs a few days ago and thought what a wierd and pretty photo. Most of the time people half in and half out of costumes are creepy… but there is something really happy/soothing about this. It might be the vintage colors… or maybe the fact that almost every […]