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Seasons of Flowers

cafe au lait dahlia

Both the most exciting and most disappointing part about working with flowers are seasons. While each season has it's own gems that you pine over every year it is often hard to say goodbye when their time has come to an end for the year. One of Autumn's best gems is the dahlia. They come […]


I’m pretty excited; tomorrow morning I’m meeting up with a friend and her adorable toddler and heading up to the New York Botanical Garden. Specifically we’re going to see the special exhibit on Monet’s Garden in Giverny; it’s complete with two rare paintings, recreations of portions of his garden and photographs of his Garden as […]

Flower Knowledge…

  Lily of the Valley We’ve just wrapped a shoot upstate and were lucky enough to spend the past few days working on a beautiful farm in Vernon, NY.  Amidst the beautiful rolling hills and fields we came across a vast bed of Lily of the Valley.  If you read the blog regularly, you probably […]

Flower Knowledge

Today we’re talking about one of our favorite tropical flowers, bougainvillea often referred to as “paper flower” because of it’s delicate thin petals. One of it’s most striking characteristics is it’s wide variety of rich hues which can be found throughout Central and South America. It never ceases to amaze me that mother nature can create […]