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A florist in the tropics


After a few years hiatus, my family and I have ventured back to one of my favorite places on earth- the island of Nevis.  We started coming here when I was tiny and the magic of the island, with it’s crumbling sugar mills and windy beaches, never fails to take my breath away.  With Sierra’s wedding fast approaching in Costa Rica, and neither of us extremely well versed in the world of tropical flowers, I thought why not take this opportunity to do a little experimenting with the local flora.  I set off on the grounds of the Hermitage to find some things to work with.






I have to say, the local weed which everyone calls Bee Bush is my favorite.  It’s crazy tendrils and delicate flowers were enough to have any florist drooling.  I’ve done a little local research and found out it’s part of the potato family.  It grows wild and rampant here.


I must admit I was happy with the results of this tropical experiment.  Fears of Sierra’s wedding being awash with birds of paradise and ginger flowers (note: while they’re amazing flowers they’re not really her style) can be put to rest.  I know we’ll find different things to work with in Costa Rica but I’m confident they’ll be just as nice if not better! I just wish Bee Bush grew wild in Brooklyn.