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Backwards & Forwards

The Trove Rental Company

 It’s hard to believe that another year has passed and ahead of us is a whole new year with new adventures to look forward to. It feels like just yesterday Juliet and I we’re bundled up working from her bedroom with an air conditioning blasting to keep our little flowers happy. 2008 seems like a […]

Eat your heart out


A big reason why we’d have a hard time ever leaving New York City for good is all of the grub. There are few places in the world where you can have some of the most delicious bites whether they cost $5 or $500 for the meal and be equally as tasty. Rosemary’s in the […]

Kermit Oliver


Has everybody read the article in Texas Monthly about artist/postal worker Kermit Oliver? It’s super fascinating (and a bit melancholy); he’s the unlikely designer of some of the best selling Hermes scarves and a painter of some seriously gorgeous artworks. For those of you interested, the story was also featured on NPR and you can […]

Gift Guide


1.Creamer, 2. Letterpress Coasters, 3. Dessert Flatware, 4. Decoupage Compote, 5. Zinc Placecards, 6. Seasons Cookbook

Gift Guide


1.Blades Natural Skin Care, 2. Makeup Bag, 3. CB I Hate Perfume, 4. Egg White Soap, 5. Cheek Gloss, 6. Crema Al Polline

Bridesmaid’s Gifts


We’re always on the look out for unique bridesmaid’s gifts to treat your very hip and unique girlfriends for being a part of your special day. When we came across Brooklyn based jewelry designer Nogah’s line, Tilly Doro, we we’re immediately hooked. Nogah spent most of her days working for companies such as Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and […]