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Eat your heart out


A big reason why we’d have a hard time ever leaving New York City for good is all of the grub. There are few places in the world where you can have some of the most delicious bites whether they cost $5 or $500 for the meal and be equally as tasty. Rosemary’s in the West Village is a relatively new spot where you don’t have to spend $500 to have an absolutely scrumptious meal.







We had the pleasure of dining there last week with Matt, Dara, and Trent. We all ordered something different and could have ordered a number of other options off of the menu, which I am certain would have been just as tasty. I had the minestrone soup which was both a piece of artwork and a tasty meal. It came out looking like it was a perfectly styled dish for the pages of Bon Appetit. We all stopped and gawked at it for a minute and it was a little sad to eat it since it looked so beautiful.



They are taking reservations for New Year’s Eve and if you’re looking for a new spot to try I’d highly recommend giving it a go!