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Giraffe Manor


Have you heard of Giraffe Manor?  It’s a boutique hotel in Nairobi, Kenya located on a sanctuary for Rothchild giraffe.  Every morning and evening they visit this gorgeous 1930’s home for snacks before they head out to the preserve for the day.  What more needs to be said?…  Its the perfect venue for an unforgettable […]

My Life in France


If you’re in New York today than you’ll know how dreadful this rain is. It’s the perfect day to spend in bed reading.  I just started “My Life in France”, Julia Child’s memoir of living in Paris. I can’t put it down.  It’s written in an incredibly friendly voice that keeps you wanting to read […]

Run For Love


We found this photograph and thought it was so funny! How sweet is the bride for letting her hubby do this on their wedding day. Would you take this photo or even better can you think of a fun photo you could snap on your wedding day? Image from here.

first dance: choosing “our song”

I have some issues with The First Dance.  I imagine it’s a bit intimidating to dance in front of everybody, I have only enough coordination to get me safely down the aisle.  But then again if you want your wedding guests to dance you might have to set the example.  Then there’s the pressure to […]

paper dress


The other day Juliet was talking about wearing a dress made from paper… have you every heard of such a thing?  Apparently in the late 60’s paper dresses were a huge fad.  Designed as a promotional product for paper companies like Scott, paper dresses were relatively cheaply priced often came with a coupon for household […]



Mother’s Day is fast approaching and I think I know what I’m sending my mother this year. Every time we visit Juliet’s mother I look forward to (and I know this is a bit silly) to having some time to quietly sit and read all of the magazines that I don’t subscribe to/had never heard […]

Queen of Versailles

Queen of Versailles, Jackie Siegel

If you haven’t seen Queen of Versailles, set your DVR. The bizarre documentary has been streaming on Netflix for a few months, but Bravo will be airing the movie tonight for the first time on television.  Detailing the Siegel family, David Seigel’s timeshare company Westgate Resorts, and the 90,000 square foot home they are building […]



I remember being a small child and hearing about Imelda Marcos (and her shoes) and thinking, “What’s so wrong with that?”  There’s something kooky and campy and slightly dark about about her whole persona, which is why I’m dying to see Here Lies Love at the the Public Theater.  Created by David Byrne with help […]

Floral Wallpapers


We really love floral patterns over here at P&P (it’s part of the job description), especially . I can understand that sometimes floral patterns feel a bit oldfashioned and mumsy, so I’ve put together a list of a few papers that are unabashedly efflorescent but still super modern. I love the impressionistic quality and really […]