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first dance: choosing “our song”

I have some issues with The First Dance.  I imagine it’s a bit intimidating to dance in front of everybody, I have only enough coordination to get me safely down the aisle.  But then again if you want your wedding guests to dance you might have to set the example.  Then there’s the pressure to dance to your song.  What if you don’t have a song, or worse, you have a song… but it’s just… not right to make first dance memories with.  While choosing this or this can be… sentimental, I can’t get it out of my head that your song should be fun. And please don’t actually pick Your Song.

“This Must Be the Place” is the best song in the world. Period. Whenever it comes on the radio it never fails that somebody in the room says, “Oh I LOVE this song”.

I don’t know anybody who doesn’t like Dolly…

Or Tina for that matter. People can’t help but dance to this. The real goal is a song that the crowd will watch you dance to for the first half and feel compelled to join for the second. So pick a song you both love and get the party moving.