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Floral Wallpapers

We really love floral patterns over here at P&P (it’s part of the job description), especially . I can understand that sometimes floral patterns feel a bit oldfashioned and mumsy, so I’ve put together a list of a few papers that are unabashedly efflorescent but still super modern.

I love the impressionistic quality and really cheery colors of Blazing Poppies which can be found at Anthropologie.

Foxgloves are one of my favorite flowers to have in a garden, so why not bring them into a hall or stairway. Designed by Suzy Hoodless for Osbourne & Little, this paper comes in a variety of colorways but something about the verdant green and plummy purple really speaks to me.

I think I’ve written about loving Josef Frank designs before, but it bares repeating. They are all so vibrant and full of life and color its hard for me to pick a favorite. Most can be found here.

Happy Monday all!