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Poppies & Posies at West Elm

We want to say a HUGE thank you to West Elm for asking us to join them for 3 Saturdays in a row at their Broadway location selling flowers. This is hands down the best West Elm I’ve ever been in! The staff is absolutely amazing, helpful, and friendly. We had the best time hanging out with them this past Saturday and can’t wait for the next two weekends!

I brought along the adorable and talented Miss Ellen (Juliet’s sister) to help me dish out some knowledge and design bouquets for our shoppers this past weekend.  We picked up some amazing elements to sell such as lotus pods, parrot tulips, local lilac, local ranunculus, local hellebores, frittalaria and tons of other goodies. I think the overall crowd favorite we’re those amazing smelling blush garden roses. I wouldn’t be surprised if they we’re the only reason so many people stopped by to say hello. We’ll be selling flowers for the next two Saturdays (May 5 & May 12) at West Elm on Broadway & 61st St. Come by and say hello!

Big hug and kiss to Missy Photography for snapping all of these vibrant photographs and You + Me for hand writing our gorgeous mirrors.