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Seasons of Flowers

cafe au lait dahlia

cafe au lait dahlia

cafe au lait dahliaBoth the most exciting and most disappointing part about working with flowers are seasons. While each season has it's own gems that you pine over every year it is often hard to say goodbye when their time has come to an end for the year. One of Autumn's best gems is the dahlia. They come in many hues, shapes and sizes but one of the most sought after bloom is the cafe au lait dahlia. Known for its pillowy petals, romantic presence, and perfectly pale pink hues it is a delicate flower that requires much attention and care. A couple of good tips to keep the cafe au lait dahlia happy is to keep its stems deep in water and always spray the center to keep its many petals hydrated.

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Designing with dahlias is often tricky because many varieties are very flat on the backside. We're excited to use dahlias as our focal flower in our upcoming workshop where we'll discuss tips and tricks for designing arrangements using this flower.