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A few of my favorite things…

This week, the wonderful Matthew Martin (you may know him from our weekly Mondays with Matt blog post) was kind enough to share a few of his favorite things with us. Matt is one of my nearest and dearest friends but he is also a killer stylist, expert knitter, and all around ‘man about town.’  Take it away Matty!


Bitter… but delicious. And all those vintage posters help.

native shoes.

Like crocs, but cute?  Seriously the most comfy summer shoe out there. I have them in the flouro pink.

singular scents.

Perfume that smells of one thing only.  Right now i’m obsessesed with Penhaligon’s Gardenia.  If you’re not feeling so flush try Demeter.  They’re floral scents are lovely but so are the “weird ones” dirt, ginger ale, and gin tonic are all favorites of mine.

Bodum French Press

I just have the plain one, but I’m rather envious of this red one.  Aren’t the little cups the sweetest?

Cafe Gitane

Because of a delicious chicken sandwich, an amazing toast with avocado, and a pretty awesome couscous… and the super chic people to watch.  But seriously best chicken sandwich ever.


So pretty, especially when they’re yellow.  And they smell so good.


I can’t get enough!  Try these,  Joan Rivers a Piece of Work, Being Elmo, For the Love of Dolly, and The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia.  The stranger and more obscure the subject the better!  Sidenote, all those are available on netflix instant watch.


Everyone should have one lying about!  That’s what they’re for; making something just a bit more comfortable, a chair, your bed, the floor.

Fish Tacos

My favorites can be found here, here, and here.