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A few of my favorite things…

Remember Dara of Preston & Olivia and her list of fab favorite things from last week? The next treat we have for you are the favorite things shared by her hubby and unbelievably talented photographer Trent Bailey. Make sure to check them both out, but don’t miss out on getting to know him a bit better right here!

Alabama Shakes. Can’t stop listening to their album. If i still had my xanga (that’s vintage blogging for you) every post would begin with “currently listening to Boys & Girls by Alabama Shakes”

I think it’s apparent from my instagram feed and personal blog posts, that one of my absolute favorite “things” are my beautiful wife, Dara and our vivacious pup, Lola…. I met Dara when we were 16 back in Louisiana, we became college sweethearts and now I’m lucky to call her my wife.  Dara is the driving force that encouraged me to chase my dreams and pursue my passion of photography, and I’m beyond thankful for her for that. She is also an incredibly talented lady herself:  She photographs with me at weddings, and has her own accessories line Preston & Olivia.  Lola has so much personality and always keeps us laughing at home from her morning bed head hair-don’ts to her 16 hour power naps, this pup is such a fun girl to have around.

Speaking of photography, one of my (our) absolute FAVORITE cameras is the Rolleiflex 2.8F.  I bought it for Dara to shoot with, but it has become apparent that we will soon need to add another to the collection so we can both shoot on the rollei.  I love shooting film and this camera is one of the most simple cameras to shoot on.  There are no batteries involved and you simply advance the film yourself by winding it.  It’s so light and quiet.  Some of my favorite photographers use the Rolleiflex including Vivian Maier.

My favorite morning routine is taking a walk over to our local coffee shop for a morning pick me up for myself and Dara.  We are lucky that we live close to one of the best coffee shops in the city Jack’s Stir Brew.  I love their South Street Seaport location, and the barista’s all know me by name and know what I’m going to order.  Details like that remind me of the small town I grew up in Louisiana.

My last favorite thing is both a place and a mindset.  We adore Montauk. It was one of the first escapes we took after living in the city for a year and we have been hooked ever since.  Going to Montauk is such a welcome change from the fast pace of New York City.  We love to stay at Rushmeyers & The Surf Lodge and just spend time relaxing on the east end.

Thanks to both Dara & Trent for sharing some of their favorite things! We hope to see and hear more from them soon!