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A few of my favorite things…

Meet Stephanie Singer-Eventov and read all about her favorite things and how we’re collaborating with her!

stephanie singer-eventov

A few years ago an adorable and very sweet couple, Stephanie and her now husband Simon, hired us to design the flowers and decor for their weddings. I mention weddings in the plural because they knew how to throw a wedding the right way. They held a small luncheon with their closest family and friends during the day with a blow out party at BAM to follow the next evening. Both we’re totally different but equally as smashing!

We’re super excited to introduce Stephanie to you in a different light now. She’s a new mommy and a print designer who has an incredible eye for bold prints and color combos. She’s designed for some of our favorite fashion companies such as Betsy Johnson, Urban Outfitters, Isabella Fiore, and Daryl K before taking the plunge into freelance work, which has served her well.  Check out her custom collections exclusively for Poppies & Posies over in our shop and read up on her favorite things below. She based them off of the four senses, which I totally love!

Designer's Favorite Things

1. SIGHT…Vintage Suzani Embroidered Uzbeki Pillows!

I absolutely love the variation and gorgeousness of the Suzani pillows from Uzbekistan. The technique of the embroidery and colors has a rich dynamic look that brings together culture & worldliness with design & beauty. I adore the way they bring a story to a room without necessarily having anything to say. Even a rock & roller like Mick Jagger can be a bohemian man of the 60’s with these pillows…they take you to another place and then some.

Designer's Favorite Things

2. TASTE…Lust Lip Stain from Tarte (it tastes kind of minty sweet!)

This is a beautiful red color for your lips…very warm and sexy, yet it’s a stain so it isn’t too loud either. It feels so good on my lips and just adds the touch of color I need on an everyday basis.

Designer's Favorite Things

3.TOUCH…Tassels & Pom Poms….Shaggy Moroccan Rugs

I love the excitement of a tassel! The way it pops out at you…and acts with spunk! Bringing about texture to things has always been something that really excites me. Whether it is a tassel, or a pom pom trim…something that jumps out from a flat surface and creates contrast both visually and texturally is so fun and playful. I think this is also why i am so drawn to Shaggy Moroccan Rugs. It is flat, but has dimension and crazy pieces that have a mind of their own. I love it! Just recently I created a nursery with my husband. The incorporation of tassels on a lamp shade and valance, a Mongolian fur pillow and then the Moroccan Shaggy Rug were key. My daughter will have a petting zoo right in her own room…without the clean up!

Simon & Aria

4. FEEL & …LOVE.  My new family…

The unbelievable gift of the birth of my first child happened on February 22, 2013. Aria Semonova Eventov. She is a beautiful gem…I could not have believed I would ever feel the amount of LOVE I do for someone, as I do for her. My husband, Simon, has been an absolute rock for me to grab onto throughout the pregnancy and now, with the adjustment of having this new addition in our lives. I couldn’t imagine life without him…he brings me everything that I need and more, physically, emotionally and will always continue to do so, indefinitely. My appreciation is unending. This “favorite thing” leaves the BEST for last. The 2 treasures in my life: my gem, my rock…my everything.