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A few of my favorite things…

This week, we were lucky enough to sit down with the oh so talented Miss Jen Huang, of Jen Huang Photography. Jen shared with us some of her favorite things for overall well being. Be it mind, body, or soul, Jen has a surefire recipe for feeling good inside and out.    Take it away Jen!

“To explain a bit about my choices. When I was born my mother had one wish for me and it was for me to be happy. She’s told me this every year around my birthday and it’s resonated with me throughout my life and career. Pure and simple: do that which makes you happy. It’s something that has driven my art and shaped who I am. My favorite things are therefore a reflection of that, and a reflection of finding happiness in simplicity.”

 mind: Book – The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime


 “The novel I chose is an account of a “mystery” by an autistic boy who transports us into his mind, so we see and experience the world through his rules and expectations. It’s an honest, straightforward story, with touching, sweet and surprising moments. It becomes an honor to see the world through his eyes.”

body: Argan Oil

“Argan oil is something I discovered a few years ago but has just started entering the trendy market. It was sold primarily through Moroccan Oil brand hair products in the states, but I prefer purchasing pure 100% natural Argan oil without any preservatives or chemicals. It’s an amazing moisturizer not only for hair but for body too. I take a little bottle of it on all my travel trips and flights and substitute it for the lotions in hotel rooms. It’s amazing product you can use all over for a smooth and soft effect and has done wonders for dry hair/skin”

soul: Natural Soy Wax Candles

” Lastly, natural soy wax candles are amazing for relaxation. My favorite is a home made soy wax candle with rosemary mint essential oil. Once again, no chemicals and 100% natural. I love the smell and it has been said that Rosemary Mint aids in blood circulation and overall mental acuity. Believe what you will, but I find it extremely rejuvenating and love burning it while practicing yoga or just taking a nap. These three products remind me that there is so little we need to keep us stress-free and relaxed, and treating our minds and bodies equally well makes us healthier, happier individuals capable of making everyone else healthy and happy too!”