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A few of my favorite things….

This week the lovely and amazing Bryn Chernoff, of Paperfinger, shared a few of her favorite things with us. Bryn is not only a fantastic calligrapher, she is a talented artist, amateur flamenco dancer, and all around amazing gal!  I’m honored to call her a friend and to be lucky enough to collaborate with her often on some amazing projects. Her work speaks for itself, but I for one can not say enough lovely things about this lady.  Time to find out a few of her favorite things…

1. I recently started taking harmonica lessons with a wonderful teacher (Marcus Milius) and it bringing me an absurd amount of joy.
2. Even though I made a hobby (calligraphy) into my profession (Paperfinger), I realized I still wanted hobbies and unique adventures outside of my work day.
3. It is inspiring a whole new journey into the appreciation of blues music.

1. It is insanely delicious and I find myself talking about it a lot. With anyone who will listen.
2. It transforms two already wonderful things: cheesecake or vanilla ice cream.
3. I feel like a superhero making something so simple and yet somehow impressive.
** Use this recipe for classic lemon curd, then try the full cheesecake recipe and your world will never be the same.

1. They speak to me.
2. It’s an example of how many beautiful things are around us in our every day if we take moments to notice.
3. New York City can be a crazed place and these photographs slow me down and ground me.
Read an interview with the photographer.