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At Home

My apologies for the long gap between posts!  With Sierra’s wedding fast approaching and a slew of exciting projects in the mix, the winter has been flying by. Today, I thought I’d share a little project I undertook last night.  If you’re in NYC you know it’s been a few of the coldest days on record.  I, for one, have not wanted to leave the house but was feeling a little antsy and less then excited about my dull jute rug.  I decided to give it a facelift!

Here’s what I started with:

th copy

I wasn’t mad about how dark it was so I gave it a brush with white paint that I diluted a bit. Then I decided to add a little color!


I taped out an arrow pattern in line with the herringbone that was already on the rug.  I decided to make it equidistant but think it could be cool to experiment with width and spacing.


When I took off the tape I was quite pleased with the result! I used a tomato red paint that had been thinned into more of a stain than paint.


And voila- A way less boring jute rug.

Have a wonderful weekend & stay warm!