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At Home


This weekend, we are celebrating Sierra's 30th birthday with a a few days away in the country.  The plan is to cook lots of big meals and to sit by the fire, wearing big sweaters and reading good books.  Here's what I'm thinking… I am a longtime follower of Mimi Thorrison's blog 'Manger' and think […]

Fredericks & Mae


adobe acrobat download In search for beautiful things to adorn the walls (without breaking the bank on some serious artwork), Sierra and I came across these charming kites from Fredericks & Mae.  I am particularly fond of the Kelly green and yellow design but would happily display a collection of them. I'm also loving their […]

Flowers & Bubbly

Flower Workshop

Our most recent workshop was a one-on-one intensive this past August with the lovely Julia Rohde. We spent the day discussing flower arranging tips, business strategies, and of course getting our hands a little dirty. Throughout the day we walked her through designing a floral hair wreath, a low, lush garden-inspired arrangement, and a bridal […]

At Home…


Happy almost weekend! This week, I’ve have had my nose buried in the new issue of Bon Appetit.  It’s chock full of great recipes, for everything from kimchi to simple salads, and the ‘Hot 10′ of must try restaurants is out!  These simple instructions for making preserved lemons, from the Philip Krajek of Rolf & […]

Vermont Wedding Sneak Peek

Vermont Wedding

 This season has been the year of travel for us, which we could not enjoy more! Our latest adventure took us to Dorset, VT last weekend to decorate the wedding of Owen & Diana. Alongside us was Michael Stuart NY & Jen Huang Photography making it a dream team of sorts. The weekend was absolutely […]


If you’re looking for something to watch this evening and you have HBO GO, you’re going to love Confetti; a hilarious mockumentary that pokes fun of the wedding industry.  Three couples take part in a magazine sponsored competition to see who can have the most original themed wedding. Fair warning, one of the couples are […]

Fall is in the air…


New York is starting to get that distinct fall crispiness in the air. I know it’s just a tease, and that there are a few weeks left until we are in full swing, but I am getting excited to pull out my cozy sweaters and get the home fires burning.   While I am a huge […]

My Life in France


If you’re in New York today than you’ll know how dreadful this rain is. It’s the perfect day to spend in bed reading.  I just started “My Life in France”, Julia Child’s memoir of living in Paris. I can’t put it down.  It’s written in an incredibly friendly voice that keeps you wanting to read […]