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City Hall

2013-03-18 14.16.55

Our city hall experience was pure fun, which in retrospect is interesting because I always envisioned it to be the annoying part that you have to endure to make this marriage legal.  We’d already had our blow out wedding of our dreams in Costa Rica weeks earlier so for us this really was just crossing our t’s and dotting our i’s. We felt it was only right to have Juliet and Matt as our witnesses and they were mighty fine ones at that! Juliet of course was a rockstar once again and designed me this stunner that I got to carry around all day. She also documented our day in the most casual, fun, perfect way. Some of the photos she snapped of us are my absolute all time favorites.

2013-03-18 14.25.50

2013-03-18 14.56.01

2013-03-18 14.58.29After we said our I do’s, which they actually make you say at city hall (who knew), we went to none other than Frankie’s for lunch. We had the whole place practically to ourselves and ordered pretty much one of everything on the menu. At one point it started snowing so we all rushed to the backyard to snap a few photos. The whole day could not have been more well orchestrated if we had actually planned it.

2013-03-18 17.19.07

2013-03-18 18.40.53

If I can pass along one piece of advice to anyone planning their wedding, it’s stop every so often and soak it all in. It flies by really quickly and you don’t want to forget to enjoy every moment.  Just have fun!