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purple floral centerpiece

They’re calling color of the year Radiant Orchid, which is a purple color that I usually avoid at all cost. Of course there are some exceptions and the flowers from this week were one of them.

purple scabiosa

purple scabiosa

This purple scabiosa resembles more of a watercolor painting than a real life flower. The color variation on each petal was incredible.


Japan is at it again growing the most beautiful varieties of ranunculus. The one shown above looked like delicate paper. purple parrot tulip

purple parrot tulip

I wish parrot tulips were available year round because they last a long time and just get better with age. This deep purple hue is pretty yummy as well!
spireaMore from Japan today is spirea.  Soon enough we’ll be seeing this and it will be local, which makes me very happy. I would use spirea in ever arrangement if I could.