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Favorite Things….

So, in our blog post about making rose water it may have become apparent that aside from flowers I am also passionate about products. Lately I have been making lots of my own stuff (hence the rosewater extravaganza). This summer we had heaps of fun making face masks using seaweed and rosehips from around the cabin in Maine… when those recipes are a little more refined I’ll post them for all of you! Until then I thought I’d share a few of my favorite beauty finds… Hope you dig them and that they keep you beautiful all winter long!

Rose hip oil is magical. Use it for everything… seriously.

Hei Poa Shampooing Baume is so wonderful. It smells like the best kind of beachy you can imagine. Absolutely gorgeous!

Another super fab find is this ‘cheek gloss’ from Rosie Jane. I love the rose color! It makes for a perfect ‘just in from a snowball fight’ ruddy glow. The sweet packaging doesn’t hurt…

And my new fave… I’ve just started using this facial ‘serum’ from Onurth and I’m lovin it. I use it instead of a moisturizer. Perfect for the cold NYC winters.