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Monday with Matt: a common sense gift guide

Giving gifts can be a difficult task. Finding the right object for the right person that expresses the right sentiment is truly daunting. So I thought I’d put together a list of simple things that most everyone will enjoy and one might overlook when racking their brains for the perfect something special.

1. CHOCOLATES! I think the only people that don’t enjoy chocolate are the people allergic to chocolate. My favorites are from Jacques Torres and Vosges.

2. Cashmere sweaters from Uniqlo. Who doesn’t love/want/need cashmere sweaters? These average at $99, which is such a steal, and come in every color imaginable. I don’t think they’re available on the website, but I think they’re worth a run to the brick and mortar location.

3. Books and Music. I know, I know… but if you limit yourself to the albums and novels you enjoyed over the past year you’ve got yourself a really thoughtful gift. I mean this is why my dad now loves Rah Rah Riot and Vampire Weekend.

4. Make it yourself. Or give your loved one something to make it themselves. I would like receiving some lovely yarn from purl soho almost as much as receiving a hand knit scarf or hat, maybe more.

5. A Gift Certificate. I can hear those groans. But isn’t their something great about receiving money and not being able to spend it on something sensible? Just be sure that you choose the right shop to buy a certificate at. I remember one year I received a GAP card with an obscene amount on it. In the end I was set up with underwear and socks for a rather long time.

6. Gift of the Month Club. There is a “gift” of the month for everything you can think of! I’m kind of obsessed with the Bowtie of the Month Club right now.