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Monday with Matt: Boxing Day

To me, the day after Christmas has the same kind of melancholy feeling as a Sunday, or the last day of summer, or one of those peanuts that only has one nut in the shell. But in England and Canada and Australia and Scotland, and other places too I’m sure, it’s called Boxing Day and you give gifts and food and money to people you employ or have performed a service for you over the last year (and small greedy children).
I remember being little and one of the only things that took my mind off of the sad fact that Christmas was exactly 364 days away was receiving another small set of gifts from a mysterious man named Mr. X who was never seen and only referred to as a “your grandfather’s business associate”. Essentially it was just a small stocking with some music, and a chocolate orange, and card trick, or a puzzle. I’m sure my grandpa got just as much pleasure at the chance of getting out of the house and away from the family for an hour or two to assemble the gifts as he did from the actual gift giving, but it’s a nice tradition and a fun excuse to give and receive.
Next year why not start your own tradition? Don’t feel that you have relegate it to service industries, but it’s always nice to let the people that take care of you all year to know just how much you appreciate them.
Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!
XO Matt