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Nicole’s Classes

nicole's classes

I bought a sewing machine last year and after proving to myself that I still know how to thread it, it has been sitting in our closet untouched. Just the thought of it makes me feel so guilty. It's not that I don't want to use it, but it's intimidating to just take it out and start sewing as I imagine it may feel for some of you who are interested in learning floral arranging. I am starting to feel like the ultimate hypocrite preaching about taking our classes and not taking those that I've been pining over for months. So, when I heard about Nicole's Classes I thought it doesn't get any easier than this. She offers online classes from anything from sewing 101 to illustrator to baby's, toddlers & kids. What better way to jump back in than to start with her Fall online class. After that I'm eyeing the illustrator 101 course that I've been dying to learn more about.

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