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A Floral Workshop Series

floral workshop

When Juliet and I launched P&P almost 6 years ago we quickly realized how little we knew and how much there was to learn. Although we've gained unimaginable amounts of knowledge about designing and executing events over those years, we still recognize today that there is always more to learn. The journey never ends and it's something we've learned to embrace and appreciate. Discovering new techniques, learning about new flowers, and growing as a business is what keeps each day fresh and exciting.

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For a long time we've dreamt about putting together a floral workshop series; a place that we could invite floral enthusiasts of all levels to learn and play with beautiful blooms. With the past few years being as busy as they've been it's always been put on the back burner, but never forgotten. We're finally excited to announce our floral workshop series with one on one and group lessons available in both New York City & Los Angeles. Whether you're a designer looking to grow your skills, you've never picked up a pair of clippers, or you're a bride to be that is designing her own wedding flowers there will be a place for everyone. Say hello at if you're interested in learning about upcoming classes!