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Spring 2014 Style Trends

Spring Style Trends 2014Fashion is one of those things that I wish I cared more about, but can never bring myself to spend too much time worrying about. A day in the life of a florist means early mornings, lots of schlepping, and hours of standing on your feet. I try to stay more focused on what will get me through the day with my back not feeling like it is going to break by 1pm. With all that said, there is a part of me that wishes I took the time to try harder on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, I can clean up pretty nicely, it is just getting the motivation to do so after working a long day is where I fall short. When I was recently looking through the Spring 2014 fashion trends there were a few things that resonated with me, a few that I can’t believe people will go for and of course those that I wish I had the courage to try. {Color story by Fashionising}

Style Trends Spring 2014No better place to start than the crop top trend. Hate it or love it? I want to hate it, but kind of wish I had the courage to pull it off. However, every time I see a skinny, little hipster girl running around my neighborhood flaunting this style it makes me hate it again. {Lucky Mag & NY Mag}

Style Trends Spring 2014Thank god overalls was included to give me total justification to wear mine freely and proudly. My sister-in-law relishes in teasing me that I look like a little kid when I wear mine (which I do). Even she pointed out that at least I was on trend if I was going to look like Punky Brewster circa 1988. {Lucky Mag}

Style Trends Spring 2014The Bermuda Short makes me even happier since I have endured endless teasing for wearing this length. Of course I am never wearing them with high heels and a cute blouse. My style is more flip flop and tank top on the beach. I’m assuming that is not where the fashionistas were going with this one. {Lucky Mag}

Style Trends Spring 2014Hippie sandal with socks?! Socks should never be worn with sandals. I can’t budge on this one. {Lucky Mag}

Style Trends Spring 2014This Get Earthy trend may be my favorite of them all. I have not gotten earthy yet, but if it looks this good I’d like to! {NY Mag)