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Wedding Pressies…

Finding the perfect wedding present can be a challenge;especially when some people opt to skip the registry these days.  Here are a few of my favorite things that I think make superb gifts for newlyweds!

These plates from Scully & Scully are one of my favorite gifts to give! We grew up with them as our salad plates and I love their cheeky humor and bright colors.

Being a Maine girl at heart, I am in love with these herringbone throws from Brahms Mount.  An added bonus, if you buy it from it from Archipelago, you’ll be supporting to The Island Institute which supports Maine artisans and Island based communities.

Sierra and I both love these champagne flutes from Roost which is why they are available in our shop.  I think they are a great gift; who wouldn’t want to raise a toast with this whimsical glassware?

(pic from here)

Have a great Wednesday!