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A Few of My Favorite Things….

This week we were beyond happy to sit down with the lovely ladies of You + Me*! We met Miya & Elisabeth a few years back and have been fast friends ever since.  We are in constant awe over all of the gorgeous work they do; from building brand identities for some amazing creative clients, to providing art direction and styling for magazines and events alike. Take it away ladies!

We admit it, we’re suckers for the shiny.  Everyone feels happier and looks prettier when light is reflecting all around them (we should know, our office is a mercury glass explosion).  We’ve never met a metallic we didn’t like, but gilver always takes the prize–it’s GOLD and SILVER!  Like peanut butter and jelly or Simon and Garfunkel, some things are just better together.

Life can’t be all banter, Bill Murray, and overhead shots, but that doesn’t detract from the pure pleasure of watching it.  Somehow Wes Anderson is able to capture the magic of childhood–grand plans, ridiculously detailed collections of silly things, and unabashed optimism (sadly, often decisively squashed).  Count us in for the first showing of Moonrise Kingdom.

Sometimes we forget that not everyone gets to spend their days working in the company of their best friends and sister.  Time just flies by when you can call wine o’clock in honor of someone’s bad day or take a coffee break to watch pygmy hippos (Not that we know anyone who does that.  We’re definitely not the kind of people who ever get sucked into videos about tiny animals).  While the majority of every day is made up of the regular work type work that comes with running your own creative business, we count ourselves as lucky that we’re pretty much required to spend our time with some of our favorite people.

Make sure to check out a bit more about who they are & what they’re up to.