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Weddings Inspired By

The Seventies get a bad rap.  They’re infamous for pastel tuxedos covered in frills, exaggerated bell bottoms, platform shoes and polyester, but if you can look past the stereotypical fashion faux pas’ there’s a wealth of inspiration.  Especially for a wedding.

The dress…

I found the vintage image below (it was sent in by a reader) on The Sartorialist a few months ago and it really stuck with me.

She’s where Princess Di and Truly Scrumptious meet.  I love the fact that she choose separates in lieu of a gown.  Such a chic and easy alternative to what can sometimes be looked back upon as a fussy dress.  I love the hat and the length of the veil.  Super practical if you’re holding the ceremony out of doors, right?  I love the pilgrim loafers, bnd most of all I love the louche tailoring of the men behind her.

the groom and party…

A few specific details really stand out on these guys and would translate into a really groovy groom and modern party.  The wide lapels and oversize bow tie really say “70’s” to me, but it’s the beautiful fabric choices and a classic color scheme that keep the look from screaming “disco ball”.  Think Tom Ford, the below add for his menswear really pinpoints those details.

the details…

When I think of the seventies I think gold not platinum for your wedding bands, and cream (yellowed even) not white for your paper goods, dark wood paneling vs. light colored walls for your reception hall.

For your invitations choose a simple layout with little or no decoration and a rich but somber palate (cream and dark orange, navy and cream, chocolate and …cream) but pick a crazy 70’s font for all or some of the text. These vintage fonts are so much fun and would be toned down considerably with a calmer color scheme.

Keep the flowers in those same warm tones, oranges, creams,  salmon, with a bit of green.  Large blooms in big organic arrangements.  I like this bouquet that the girls designed on Style Me Pretty a while back.

As for vessels, I’d put the flowers in a mixture vintage le crueset dutch ovens, pots, and pans.  I found a huge selection on ebay.  Just think of the cookware collection you’ll have after the party.

And finally you’ve got to have a cool get-a-way car to speed off to your happy ever after… and honeymoon.  I love this 1974 BMW m5.  You can find a similar one here.