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Dresser Makeover

I had been searching for ages for a large dresser with a little pizzaz and couldn’t find anything affordable that struck my fancy.  I decided I’d make something myself. I started with the Tarva Dresser from Ikea.

tarva--drawer-chest__0143752_PE303252_S4I liked the fact that it was unfinished- so I could paint it or stain it- and I loved the simple shape.  First I puttied and sanded the existing holes for hardware then painted the entire chest in a high gloss color. After some debate, I decided to go with a bright rosey pink. Then came the hardware…


I hot glued these brass corner braces where I wanted them before drilling holes and attaching them.  That way I could make sure they were all properly aligned before making them permanent.  At first I wanted to have campaign styled hardware but then I came across these leather trunk handles and couldn’t resist.


After lots of measuring & remeasuring I attached the trunk handles and voila! I think one day I might change the color to something a bit more classic but for now I’m stoked to have a fun pop of color brightening up my room.