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The adventures of Los Flores Banditos


We’re back in frigid, gray, windy New York after a brilliant week in the jungle for my wedding. The whole trip was an adventure from the beginning right up until the end. We flew out the morning of the most recent storm in our area, Nemo. The day before we were scheduled to fly I looked up the weather to find the headlines all screaming, “Crippling, historical blizzard headed our way”. The thought of sitting in a winter blizzard with hurricane force winds when we should all be on our way to the tropics for our wedding was a less than stellar feeling. Mother nature was on our side that day because as we sat down on the plane, all 6 pieces of luggage carrying wedding decor from the Trove and weighing over 50lbs each stowed away under the plane, snow flakes began to fall. Luckily we were one of the last flights to get out that day; clearly somebody else thought it was a good idea for us to get hitched.

Our team rolled up into Costa Rica and took it by storm. Getting married in Central America definitely proved itself to be more challenging than say here in NYC, but with our group no problem was too big.  Juliet and Matt are now strictly going by the name Los Flores Banditos for their brave foraging and with all of our travel this year we’ll be sharing more of the adventures of Los Flores Banditos as I’m sure there will be many. I literally did not take one photo or turn on one electronic the entire time I was there. With Jen Huang around I had a sneaking suspicion I wouldn’t have to and am also fully aware that her beautiful film photographing will always trump my silly iphone photos.

Until our next adventures….Adios!

xx Los Flores Banditos