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Paper & Bourbon

Poppies & Posies Bourbon Bar

Poppies & Posies Bourbon BarDon’t get me wrong, we love flowers, but have to admit that often paper plays just as big of a role in the overall wedding design as our blooms do. Paper is also a great resource for a destination wedding. It is light, easy to travel with and packs well. That is part of the reason why the night before my wedding my friends I sat around unfolding and fluffing tissue paper pom poms. I found these gorgeous colors here and they turned out to be the perfect travel companion. We used them to line the back of the bourbon bar, which added a touch of color, texture and decor to an otherwise plain table. Dear Jendo did all of the hand lettering on site for me since we weren’t quite sure what we’d be able to snag in duty free ahead of time.
Next up are the mind blowing invitations, welcome boxes, seating cards, and other goodies designed by my dear friend Bryn from Paperfinger!