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Weddings Inspired By…

I remember years ago seeing in a wedding magazine (I don’t even remember which one) that when Cynthia Rowley got married (the first time) she shuttled her guests from ceremony to reception in big yellow school buses. I can’t find a picture for the life of me, but that image really struck a chord. Isn’t grade school a truly romantic time in your life and doesn’t it make for some lovely and rather innocent inspiration?

What you don’t want on your wedding day is for your overall look to scream SCHOOL GIRL! But a modestly cut dress or girlie frock will seem positively virtuous when worn with accessories traditionally attributed to the elementary set. I think I’ve posted the Dinah gown from Jcrew before… but who cares? It’s so cute. I also like the Feather Dress, for a girlier vibe.

Pair these dresses with iconic school girl items like mary janes (stilettos of course), or a headband holding back perfectly parted hair… and maybe you should wear your glasses.

Dress the boys in shorts. It’s so schoolboy, and so comfortable at a hot summer wedding.

Feed your hungry guests like growing children. As the main serve updated versions of childhood lunchtime classics. Everyone loves PB&J. What about passing them during cocktails, with little cookies or some kind of fancy little pizza roll?

And most important is the setting, don’t you think an old one-room school would be the most fun setting?

And you can’t forget the flowers! It really doesn’t matter what blossoms you use, so long as they’re arranged in vintage thermoses, lunch boxes, pencil cases and glue pots.