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Weddings inspired by…

The cats out of the bag, I’m engaged and we’re getting married in the rain forest! Whoop Whoop! I had no idea designing your own wedding would be this much fun, but it’s beyond all expectations. Especially with my partners in crime, Juliet, Jen, and Missy in on it. They’ve already schlepped around to various dress shops in NYC, oohed and ahhhed at everything I try on and treated me to yummy champagne afterward. I’m a very lucky lady!

Anywhoo, I just couldn’t help myself and put together a weddings inspired by none other than…the jungle of course!

The best part about tropical locations is the lush foliage and vibrant flowers that seem to be growing on every inch of everything. Although we’re not going this deep into the jungle, the Huaorani Ecolodge in the amazon looks like the perfect spot to get hitched with a small group of people.

I can’t stop thinking about this vibrant dress Juliet snagged at Anthropologie lately. It’s a bold choice for a bride but it’s just so pretty! Perhaps for another night in the jungle?!

As I look for inspiration and fun ideas for our own wedding, I keep coming back to animal everything. I’ve never been so into animals and especially animals at a wedding before. Since many of our guests will all be flying down on the same flight as us, I thought how fun would it be to give each of them a different jungle mask to get the celebration started at 5am on our flight out of NYC. I have a feeling I may be the only one enjoying this, but I may still go for it. {found here}

Unfortunately I can’t seem to find the source for this gorgeous illustration, but the colors perfectly mimic those of the tropics making for the perfect invitation direction.

Oddly enough we have no ideas what we’ll use for our flowers since we’re going to be flying by the seat of our pants. I’m not the least bit worried, knowing that I have Juliet on my side to help forage. It would be nice to be able to incorporate some lush greenery (ferns perhaps) and vibrant flowers (bougainvillea is the obvious solution as it grows everywhere in Costa Rica and is so so pretty). Can’t wait to share everything we dream up for my wedding next year!