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Weddings Inspired By

Elizabeth.  If you haven’t seen Cate Blanchet in this, please I beg you to put it to the top of your queue.  It’s really one of the prettiest movies: I rewatched it recently and thought wouldn’t that be a lovely wedding inspiration.  The key to this one is keeping it really simple.  Too much you look like you run a stall selling turkey legs at the Rennasaince Fair, but thoughtful details with a little Tudor inspiration will make for a really romantic event.

Cate Blanchet looks gorgeous throughout, especially in the opening scenes when her skin is so clear and youthful.  The minimal makeup, just lip and cheek stain along with her super-soft-looking-over-brushed hair make for a pretty (and simple) bridal look.  It’s best to not be so literal with the dress.  Pick a favorite detail (or two) from the costuming and really focus on them, like the pinched waist of a corseted dress in a romantic shade of pink.  Or maybe it’s something that gives you a feeling of antiquity without being able to place it.

Those can be found here and here, I love the blush/nude tones.  I also think the Kira gown at J.Crew would be a nice fit.  The full skirt and ruffled neck are rather princessy, and the collar would be super Elizabethan if starched up.

As far as your male counterparts?  Again, keep it simple: dress your men in clean modern suits but give them a lavish velvet bow tie (or maybe even a smartly fitted velvet jacket).  Welcome rich expensive colors, blues against blacks and eggplants and russets.

Queens has a perfect setting for an Elizabethan inspired wedding with it’s own Tudor inspired village, Forest Hills.  Both the Church in the Garden and St. Lukes would be beautiful locations for your ceremony.

Make sure your invitations include a prominently placed and rather royal looking monogram.  Elizabeth I had an amazing signature, perhaps have some outrageous calligraphy done that’s reminiscent of her sharp curlicues.

For dinner I think it’s pretty obvious that game hens or pot pies would be on the menu, maybe lamb or a suckling pig… something simple and tasty and a little luxurious.   And for the pudding, a traditional Fruitcake.  It’s what was served at the royal wedding last year.  Martha has more recipes than I even imagined existed.

And the flowers.  Along with huge roses and peonies and  fruit, exotic citrus, pears, quince, berries and grapes.  The arrangements should have the feeling of over ripeness.  I quite like these ones that the girls did a while back, but imagine the table set with quite “fancy” colored glass and gold accents.