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A few things…

There are a few things to share with you on this lovely Friday morning.  First of all, the amazing Jen Huang has done it again.  Check out these gorgeous photos she took at the Cream Event. We had such a blast making this oversized flower crown! Jen & Emily (Lael Cakes).  I’m guessing Jen’s fiance […]

At Home…

Inspired by the delicious avocado toasts served at Ruschmeyers in Montauk, NY & Cafe Gitane here in NYC, I decided to attempt my own version at home.  I must say it’s very simple to make and seriously scrumptious! You’ll need: An Avocado  Lemon Olive Oil Sea Salt Pepper Chili Flakes Nice Bread Simply mash the […]

Sunday Edition

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’re all relaxing, enjoy brunch, or even zoning out on the couch today. Most importantly it’s a good day to just take a break from our busy, crazy, and often stressful lives.  If you’re in NYC I’d suggest staying in the AC until this afternoon and making some homemade popsicles […]

It’s BBQ Season!

Today we’re celebrating a few things, it’s Friday, we have a weekend off, the summer has seemed to officially begun, and most of all we’re psyched for the launch of Michael Stuart NY’s sauce and seasoning line which is now available in stores! Just in time for summer barbecues, Stuart & Co is now available […]

My Grandmother’s Chili

This weekend, why not spend some time in the kitchen and make a little Chili Con Carne?  My grandmother’s recipe is a family favorite. I always like to think of it as secret but it hardly is as she shared it in the hilarious cookbook she wrote back in the day(the stories are as good […]

At home…

We’re excited to be a part of Sunday Supper’s Mother’s Day brunch this weekend and figured we’d share one of their yummy recipes for you to try at home. As of lately I’ve been a bit obsessed with fresh heirloom tomatoes with a touch of sea salt on them, which is funny because as a […]

Michael Stuart NY’s Shrimp Taco

If we had to choose our favorite dish from Michael Stuart’s nine course “ode to salt” tasting menu we just wouldn’t be able to. Each dish was unique and delicious in it’s own right and it just wouldn’t be fair to the others. One that stood out in our minds was the wild patagonia red […]

I would like to stop and smell the roses…

But this year I sure do have hayfever! It’s supposedly one of the worst years for allergens to date and I for one would like to do something about it.  That’s where one of my personal heroes, Rosemary Gladstar, comes in.  I found this recipe for a tonic that relieves sinus congestion in her amazing […]