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Weddings Inspired By

Shades of White

This week I was really inspired by the effect of white on white.  We’ve had so little snow this year, perhaps I am just longing for that serene feeling I get when the whole world is blanketed in white.  I love the way a simple touch of grey, like the trees on the horizon in the pic above, can make the shades of white come alive! It makes the whole world look like it has been shot on black and white film.

Dress It Up!

I think bridesmaids dressed all in white is a tres chic move!

I personally loved what Kate Moss did at her wedding.  A gaggle of children all dressed in adorable white dresses and whimsical toy soldier-esque suits made for a magical event.

(image via

If you’re not mad about having everyone else in white too, something like this dress, from Whitney Deal, would be gorgeous! Her newest print August Rose, is available in all of her bridesmaid dress styles.

(via Darling Dexter)


There are so many directions you could go with flowers when you’re using white. I love the millions of snowdrops that blanket forests in spring.  These delicate flowers along with the likes of lily of the valley & heleborus would be a smashing punctuation to an all white wedding.

Details of birch with it’s soft white and grey bark would be gorgeous alongside these delicate blooms!

 The Details

I love letterpress with with barely their ink colors.  Having all of your paper goods printed with this white on white effect would be absolutely smashing!

(above via Papersheep Press)

I love the pale skin and lip with a strong eye.  I think this look would be gorgeous for an all white wedding! If it’s a little too washed out for you try a soft peach lip.

(image via cocoty)

And how about some gorgeous vanilla truffles from Charbonnel et Walker at every place setting? Yum!

(via looks like white)